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The Global DC Foundation (also called Stichting Gelijkspanning in Dutch) aims for a more sustainable world, in which energy is better managed. This involves not only a decrease in the consumption of fossil fuels, but also a better and more efficient use of available resources for the components. Using Direct Current voltage (DC) will also mean that renewable sources, such as wind and solar energy, are more efficient and thus more profitable. 


DC is THE instrument

DC is THE instrument to make this goal a reality. DC Foundation is an independent foundation with the objective of promoting (the application of) DC, globally, in the broadest sense. To this end, several projects in the field of DC have been initiated and are being coordinated by DC Foundation in which knowledge development is being encouraged at colleges and universities. In these DC Foundation projects many innovations take place, because DC is a 'forgotten' subject. Through education and research institutions, security in DC will be also ensured by joint work on new standards. For this, the global DC Foundation has developed its own policy plan and is actively implementing it.


Rural areas worldwide

There are more than 1.3 billion people in rural areas worldwide without electricity. The electrification of these rural areas through DC makes it possible for these people to build a better existence. Consequently, internet access will be possible providing knowledge and communication and thereby giving them a greater change on development and education. The DC Foundation is now actively working on enabling DC projects in India and Africa.

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